Chicken Jake Rigged

I hate 2D for some reason, it may be that I just criticise myself too much and don’t put in the time to learn anything. But I want to put myself out there and give myself the chance to improve myself.

For this midday blog post I am talking about my 2D animation assignment. We are required to make a 20 second animation using symbols in flash. I have finally completed the fully rigged turnaround of Chicken Jake.


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UDK has issues

So I have used UDK for almost 10 weeks now and I have learnt one thing very clearly from the experience – SAVE!!

It is a very unstable engine with crashes happening all the time and sometimes you can’t even undo things and even then it still crashes some more. Along with some lighting issues I had with InterpActors the rest has been relatively stable but, until now but first let’s have a look at some of the things I have worked on.

I found the textures and meshes that come with UDK limiting and not suited to my purposes so I went off and got some more but after speaking with my tutor I may have to cut back on them a bit… Like all of them. But so far they are really cool and help give me the look that I want.



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Sea Dragon WIP

Hey all it sure has been a long time!

I got into the university I wanted to but with the fast tracked course it has been hard but I am coping with it.

One of my latest projects was to model rig and animate a fish, could be anything so I thought a sea dragon would be cool. I have managed to model it and rig it up but no texturing or animations yet.


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Dora Railway Gun Finished

After changing some of my blender settings related to my last post I was able to get cycles to render more smoothly, but it still took some time to do. So I was finally able to finish my Dora Railway Gun. This model has pushed me past my limits and I have learnt a lot of new things especially to do with cycles and nodes. Even though I believe it could look better I have passed the production point and just want to get rid of it. It started out as a quick model made for blender internal and the weekend challenge, which I won by the way, I later converted it to cycles and started to have a lot of trouble getting it to render with it crashing and all.

Dora Railway Gun

Dora Railway Gun

Leave me a comment or two and let me know what you think.

Machine-Gun Joe V0.55

I have just updated my Machine-Gun Joe flash game which was probably half way complete, I have made the size of the stage a bit wider and it is now at 800 X 480 pixels in size. This is to bring it in line with some higher resolution phones and a better experience all around, there is only one problem I see from this, the bunnies, hares, rabbits, whatever you want to call them all spawn around the screen and because there is a lot less space on the top and bottom of the stage I would say that your reaction time would be a bit slower for these areas and may add a bit of difficulty to the game, nevertheless the game is still better off for it.

Take a look at some screens.

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